Thermosink Energy Free Livestock Watering Systems

Installation Instructions
Dig the trench

Begin by digging a trench six feet eight inches deep (6 ft. 8"). This will allow the top of the Thermosink to sit 20 inches above ground level.

The Brass Elbow

Screw in the brass elbow at bottom of the waterer at a 45 degree angle. You can tape the fitting shut to prevent soil and debris from collecting inside the elbow

Ensure the fitting on the waterer does NOT turn!

Please Note: Open & close "shut off valve" before and after installation of the brass fitting prior to burying in the ground.

Lower the Thermosink into the trench

Guide the Thermosink down into the trench on a level bed and ensure the top is exposed at least 20 inches from ground level.

It is not necessary to use concrete around your waterer but if you choose to do so the top of the Thermosink must then be set at 26 inches above the ground.

Attach your water supply

Once the Thermosink is firmly placed on the bed of the trench, attach your black poly pipe water supply line to the brass elbow.

Warning: When attaching the water line to the pitless adapter, do not use rigid pipe. Use flexible pipe only. This is important to prevent pressure and stress on the pipe which can render your Thermosink inoperable.

Level & Back-fill

When water supply line is securely attached, the Thermosink should be levelled and back-filled. Using sand as fill for the initial 3 feet is ideal as it sifts and packs firmly around the bottom of the unit.

Lubricate the brass pitless unit

The brass pitless unit on the bottom of the float assembly must now be given a good base of lubricant and the 0-ring should be checked to make sure it is clean and not scarred.

Lower the float assembly

Lower the float assembly unit down to the pitless adapter which is always located on the same side as the shut off valve. You may have to manoeuvre and work this pipe from side to side until you feel it slide in all the way.

Turn on the water

Turn water on by turning the stainless steel rod located on the top of the unit with a pair of vice grips


To correct problems with the water valve on the float, first check for leaks. This is done by lifting the float stem up to the shut off. If water still keeps rising, then check the 0-ring at the bottom and all float fittings. To do this, turn the shut off valve (which is a small stainless steel rod at top of unit) one half turn. This will shut off unit. Reach down and grab the float assembly and lift it out. When problem is fixed, lower the assembly back down and insert into the pitless adapter. You can do this when the unit is empty or full of water. Just feel for brass adapter at bottom.

CAUTION: To prevent ice crystals from forming in the float area
- we recommend you add one gallon of mineral oil.


Optional insulated sink lids are available for drinking bowls when you will not be using the Thermosink Energy Free Livestock Watering Systems for extended periods of time.

Thermosink can be winterized. To do this, first shut the water off by turning stainless steel rod 1/2 turn at top of unit. Open center lid and simply pull float unit out. Next, remove as much water as possible out of unit. Put center lid back on and optional side lids if you have purchased them. Your unit is now winterized. To restart the unit at any time, just slide float assembly back and turn water on.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions
Click here to download a printable PDF copy of the Thermosink Energy Free Livestock Watering Systems installation instructions